Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Something for u! Its my phone wallpaper :) heh

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another day.

Some wordings using some materials for experiment XP

Another busy day has gone. Yesterday I had 4 class, from 9am - 6pm. walao. Thats real tiring. Luckily for today i only have 2 class. Its 12.54am now, gonna sleep soon after blogging or maybe gonna read a bit on Projectile motion.

Aiks. She's getting busier and busier than ever. Her life's really very compact already as compared to last time. Almost every day she got activities to
attend. Gosh, pity my dear. She fell asleep again while we're texting. lol.

At first she went to nap, after some while i texted her and she didn reply me, so i decided to call her. Ahh, her mum was beside her and she;s typing a message for his brother in Kl. and what?She put a pic of me hugging her as my contact pic. lol Dont really know whether her mum sees it or not. I dont want later when her mum get to know about us, stopping her from seeing me ]:

Aiks. Dont ever ever think pessimistically. Look at the positive side right? But, seriously mechanics is killing me. I need more time pls. Soon in week5
im going to have my first exam le. There are still lectures and practical while exam is still on. wth right. Everything is so compact. guess during that week, i wont be going back to Ipoh? Sigh, really hope that i have 30hours per day.

Back to yesterday, it was a really tiring day. I cycled to school an
d my class. gosh, its in block D then B then D and B.. at the end, i still need to walk to block D to take my bike and cycle home. Oh no. I dont like it duhh.

Yday in the Practical class for Mechanics, we did an experiment on vector. and haha. I took some of the pic there XD

My experiment group. All guys XD

Those apparatus needed

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Walao eh. Kampar is really a hot place eh. Gonna suffer in such weather eh. plus I dont drink much water also here in Kampar. Only around 2-3 bottles of 500ml mineral water only. Gosh. Gonna dehydrated soon! help! XD

Tomorrow Im going to cycle to school too! Oh no, gonna sweat excessively again duhh. Its like im swimming to school. lol. So sweaty when reached school and gonna enter the refrigerator Lecture hall. There's a lecture hall there really cold. I can even feel cold wearing a jacket. ;O

But outside is just the other way back, Its burning hot. Oh no!! Please dont barbecue me, oh Sun..

Please rain more at night and early morning. Give me more cloud! I want some windy and cloudy day! Cloud wanted!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Study Life iN Utar

A brand new life. Fuhh. Everything seems so new here. :[

I miss my life in Ipoh. Miss being free all the time sitting at home , whereby I can find my dear for lunch or hang out whenever she's free for me. When she first entered my former school's form6, im still having my holiday waiting to get into Utar.

And another thing i need to adapt myself here - the God damn weather. oh no. Its superrrrr HOTTT!! Sometimes even with two fans, my room is sti
ll a sauna room. lol..

I took foundation in Science leading to comp science. And i might change my bachelor course into IT. The time in foundation is really really compact. Almost every morning, I need to go campus for class d untill late noon or sometimes evening. Then after a while at home, I will be out for dinner and goin back to home to do revision and homework, it will be like around 8 something. So its like I only got few hours everyday for my revision.

But what, its not that bad for me only. I still can cope with it, so far. lol. Really hope I can pass my exam with flying colours. Although some lecturer here, I dont really like the way they teach. They are too 'chinese' d. Cina apek. and they need to teach in en
glish. oh no, especially my Chemistry lecturer. Disaster. LOL looks like Im going to depends on myself and my tutorial teacher. He's good :) Luckily my tutorial teacher can at least make me und more bout the syllabus.

The food here is fine. Just that its a lil too expensive. Its at least 4+ bucks for a plate of rice. But here is diff, although its like 4-6 bucks per meal, the quantity is quite a lot too. wont like Ipoh some ipoh restaurant. Exp + very less only.

This is for MYR 4.30!! XD haha.

Another thing which i cant really adapt to myself. Sighh. I miss her. I miss her smiles. I miss hugging her. lol. She's getting busier and busier already for her form6 life. She's going to attend 4 tt class a week, co-curricular activities, librarian duties and outings. Sigh for the first few weeks, Im indicating now, she's already looks very tiring and she's tired indeed. She often fell asleep d even half way chatting with me :[

But - Dont worry dear, Its really ok. You gonna fight really hard for your Stpm and no matter what We'll persevere all the circumstances along our journey ok?
I will talk through the storm and whatever weather with you XD copied from Eminem :P

You know? Distance, its not really a bad thing you know. As you said, think optimistically! Though we're kinda far away from each other, we need to be grateful because we're not that far from each other only :) Im sure there are many people out there are far away from their loves one. They surely have hard time. Doesn mean I dont, hmm.

And what, I kinda remembered what you said, haha. When we're at distance from each other then only we'll know Who is the one we actually need and we actually miss. You're right actually. I must learn to be loyal haha. I dont want to take you for granted :) Its really awesome to get a girlfriend like you. Let me be your only guy ok. hugs* haha XD

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Last Day In Airport :)

Airport sign! XD

Hohoho, Its 2nd of February 2011, Its the eve of Chinese New Year!! and also the last day of me working at airport :) That day is really awesome thought i stayed up until 5am+.. Coz its my last day being in airport! haha, I gonna miss Airport and everyone there too! Working together, curi makan together, play with the Dj Console, cleaning the krooms, etc. lols

Nothing else i can say le, but working at Airport was really a great experience! X)

AhChooi and me

AhChooi and Dennice

Nabi - Me - and Dennice


Eric me and YoonYee

Me and Dennice


Good Bye Airport!! :)

Working Life - At Airport

Its been a month plus I worked at Airport since my first day on 16th of December 2010!
Time really does fly! I'm no longer staff of Airport@De Gard
en. But, working at Airport really fun. I get to know many people here and they are really fun to work with.. Of course not all of them, some are really sickening. LOL not mentioning who they are.. XD But its really great working in a real Pub, where not ev
eryone really gets to work at those place :P However, Airport is not really those wild pub, its like some higher class of pub.

From here, its really fun working with my colleagues. As
what Alvin said, its all about teamwork! I actually do get a lil more hardworking than last time before i worked here. Maybe its because I get salary from all of what i did. lol But what, sometimes its really very tiring!
Very often, I will asked to work OT for them coz there will be one or two staff(s) absent or take leave. On festive season, even tiring! The normal working time on festive season, will be from 4pm until to 4am! But its quite fun too! Those musics and remix! woo
hoo~ LOL
Me and Santa (Dennice) during Christmas! worked till 3am!! :O

Me and Eng, NIght shift capten during New Year Celebration! Worked till 2am!! :0

Me during CNY eve! worked till 5am!! :O

Although the working time are really long, Its really fun! - where you can dance along too while you're working! Got one time, Wei Soon even went up to the stage and dance along too and battle with the dancer there! lols It was really cool! Everyone was cheering for them and what I wont forget is what the emcee said - "...what a great performance from one of our waiter and our professional dancer!!.." haha.

Ohh, almost forget to share my experience with you guys! Im a cashier and receptionist for airport! hehe :) Where, i no need to walk around so much like what floor staff does, its really tired being floor staff than being a cashier :P I only need to learn how to take and change money! And btw, i learned to use credit card machine too! XD haha. not baddd.. :P

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Life After Secondary Life

Still remember the last day of SPM, everyone was jumping and cheering around. A wonderful day for all of us, SPM candidates. Thats the moment of freedom for all of us, who had really tough time preparing for the exam! Woohoo~

My SPM slip. lol As what they say, passport to spm :)

*Sigh of relieve*

Really worth a smile on the face reminiscing those days in secondary school! It feels really nice that I did used my time wisely that time, studying day and night preparing for SPM!

Before the exam, few of my friends and I skipped school together and went to library almost everyday to do revision.. Hope that our hard work really worth something on the day of taking results! :P

haha, me spining pen XD reading biology:)

Tee Siang - Doing revision(kononnya, lol)

This was taken in Razak Library- Halfway doing revision :)

Really cant wait for the day to come. Although it might be disappointing, but its okay, we did our best!! no no no, its not gonna be disappointing, im giving myself really high hope on my result. hahaha.

Well, thats for the end of my secondary school's life~ After th
at, Wei Soon, Kui Pin, Yap and I planned to go and ask for job. We went to Jusco, PC Depot and even De Garden! At first, weisoon suggested to go and ask for vancancy at TOS, the coffee shop he previously worked at. But it doesn work, coz they need people knowing Chinese words, and ugh. I'm bad in chinese. lol

So, we walked around and weisoon thought of airport too. SO we went there to ask for job. Derrick was the one who explaining everything to us, and I didn really expected that we'll get the job coz the place is like a pub, but hiring guys under 18 to work there. So i started my first job after spm at airport. I worked for morning shift while weisoon worked for night.

During the time in Airport, I get to learn a lot about liquors and drinks! At first, it was really hard for me to memorize all the name of liquors. They are like so new to me but what? Now they are all in my mind. Lol

~Cordon Bleu, Chivas, Glenlivet, B-52, Flaming Lamborghini, B-888, Erdinger's, Franziskaner, bla bla bla~ XD

Part of the menu - Cocktails